Supplements for Restoring Vitality to Rescued Animals

As those who have worked with injured animals know, the life of the streets is unfair to those without adequate protection from the elements, nutritious food, or adequate healthcare.

Here we offer some advice from the front lines of animals wellfare, about those products we consider the most important when it comes to restoring vitality, and boosting immunity for newly rescued animals.

Marine Phytoplankton

We love the premium marine phytoplankton for dogs by the Health Factory. It’s easily absorbed, easy on their stomachs, possibly the most nutritious supplement on planet earth, and entirely natural.

It’s also sustainable and offers immediate benefits via energy, tissue health, coat shine and wellbeing.

Colloidal Silver

Another of wonderful supplements, which we use topically for any animal (or human) with an infection is Health Factory silver solution. Highly recommended. This can be dabbed on any wound, cut or abrasion and it will rapidly work to minimise inflammation and set the animal on the road to recovery.